The Birdcage Murders

Book 8 in the Heathcliff Lennox series.

Major Heathcliff Lennox is called in, along with ex Detective Inspector Swift, to help the police investigate a macabre death. The dead man is Lord De Ruyter, a man inextricably linked to the notorious Birdcage Murders.Nothing is as it appears,...

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The Mystery of Montague Morgan

Book 7 in the Heathcliff Lennox series

Ladies’ man, dandy, charming rogue, thief. Montague Morgan has a buccaneering reputation, and he doesn’t give a damn – until he falls in love. He has a plan, he needs money and he knows how to get it. He and...

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The Tomb of the Chatelaine Audiobook

Book 6 in the Heathcliff Lennox series

‘Murder, mystery and a dog of distinction. Heathcliff Lennox investigates.’ A suspicious accident, a dead man’s gun and a lost tomb. Strange events disturb the peace of Lanscombe Park, the magnificent country seat of Lord Godolphin Sinclair. Adventurer, gold prospector...

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The Monks Hood Murders Audiobook

Book 5 in the Heathcliff Lennox series

A scoundrel lies dying, he makes his confession; his sins were legion, his deeds despicable, and he wants to atone for his scandalous life. He bequeaths an invaluable gift to Monks Hood Abbey, an ancient Monastery set in a lonely...

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Death in Damascus Audiobook

Book 4 in the Heathcliff Lennox series

A 1920s Murder Mystery – Death in the desert with intrigue, adventure and a dog of distinction. There’s a damsel in distress and accusations of attempted murder flying around, but it’s not in the comfortable confines of the English countryside,...

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The Curse of Braeburn Castle Audiobook

Book 3 in the Heathcliff Lennox series

Set on an island in a lonely loch, Braeburn Castle is accessible only by boat. The castle has been slowly mouldering into the cold waters for centuries, but someone tries to remedy the decay. And then strange events begin. A...

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The Black Cat Murders Audiobook

Book 2 in the Heathcliff Lennox series

Who killed Sir Crispin Gibbons? A wedding invitation and news of mischief that could be murder, takes Lennox to The Earl of Bloxford’s country pile. He soon finds himself in a world of purloined artworks, forgeries and a priceless Bloxford...

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Murder at Melrose Court Audiobook

Book 1 in the Heathcliff Lennox series

It’s 1920 and Christmas is coming. Major Lennox finds a body on his doorstep – why on his doorstep? Was it to do with the Countess? Was it about the ruby necklace? Lennox must go to Melrose Court home to...

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Heathcliff Lennox – France 1918

France 1918 ebook and Audio book, is available to download free to members of the Readers Club on the "World of Lennox" page.

Alternatively click the link here to purchase via Amazon, the ebook, audio and paperback versions.

Spring, 1918. The Great War is at a crucial stage, the Germans are making one last push into France and the Allies are struggling to hold them back. Battle lines are shifting and men, and their machines, are being sent...

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